Advanced Driving

Most drivers believe they are both safer and more skilled than the average driver yet in 95% of accidents human error, mainly unsafe driving practices, is the major cause. Research indicates that drivers trained to an advanced standard are 20% less likely to be involved in an accident and that advanced driving techniques help people improve their driving skills as their use of brakes, clutch and gears will be much smoother and in sympathy with their vehicle.

For most people taking an Advanced Driving Course it will improve their ability and awareness and can often reduce their insurance premiums and vehicle maintenance costs. If you decide to take this course it will teach you how to assess risk and determine what is, and is not, a suitable speed for any given situation. Many people do not assess risks and hazards to a level sufficient to drive to a high standard but the majority would still claim they are a "good driver". An Advanced Driving Course will show you the best way of dealing with hazards as well as gaining more progress and should give you confidence to enjoy your driving! And with the plethora of speed cameras that safeguard our roads today, many drivers find it very difficult to "feel" what 30 m.p.h. or 50 m.p.h. is like without constant reference to their speedometer.

Advanced Driving, when used properly will make you drive more safely, in an organised manner much smoother and at the right speed. You should always be in the correct gear and the correct position on the road at the right time. All this adds up to a much more enjoyable drive for both you and your passengers. When completed you will be proud of your achievement and become a more skilful and more confident driver.