Intensive Courses

An Intensive Course is sometimes recommended for pupil's who have already had a fair amount of driving experience but is not really appropriate for first time drivers. Most courses are set on a basic package of between 10 and 40 hours and often include the cost of a driving test. The format, structure and location of the course will usually vary according to the operating practice of the individual instructor or driving school.

The success rate of Intensive Courses can vary considerably. Many pupils find that setting aside a fixed amount of time for a concentrated period of instruction enables them to focus on the task in hand and thrive on the challenge of a test-deadline. Others, even after steady improvement early on, reach a plateau about halfway through the course and seem to be unable to reach the standard of competence to take the test in the limited number of lessons available to them. Problems can arise where pupils who determine that an Intensive Course is their preferred option cannot accept that they might not be allowed the use of the instructor's car for test even if they have not achieved the standard expected of them.

The cost of a course will usually depend on its content although it should be absolutely clear whether the course is "shared" or not i.e. sometimes, to reduce costs, there is more than one pupil at a time in the car during the lesson. Some courses are advertised as "Guaranteed" but potential customers should be extremely cautious about such claims as no-one can guarantee a pass, so the exact nature of the guarantee should be understood before booking. Most sensible people would steer well clear of driving instructors who say that a course is in any way guaranteed.